The International Conference on Changing Family Life in East Asia, hosted jointly by the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences and the Institute of Ethnology at Academia Sinica, will be held on September 24-26, 2020. In addition to Taiwanese researchers, scholars from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Mainland China are invited as presenters. The papers to be presented in this conference include studies on the relationship between family and personal development from the life course perspective, and important family issues including fertility, child care, educational investment in children, intergenerational relationships, household living arrangements, care for elderly parents, etc. A majority of the data used in these studies are from the Panel Study of Family Dynamics collected from Taiwan and Southeast China. This conference not only facilitates the research based on the Panel Study of Family Dynamics, but also contributes to the communication and mutual exchange of thoughts among participants from different disciplines and regions.

The conference contains ten sessions, with 25 papers to be presented. In addition, Dr. Yu Xie (Bert G. Kerstetter ’66 University Professor of Sociology, Princeton University) will deliver a keynote speech entitled “Chinese Family in Transition.”

The conference venue is at Conference Room 1, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica. Presenters who are not in Taiwan during the conference period shall attend virtually.

中央研究院的人文社會科學研究中心與民族學研究所預定於今(2020)年9月24-26日合作舉辦「東亞社會的家庭變遷」國際研討會(The International Conference on Changing Family Life in East Asia)。除台灣學者外,亦邀請日本、韓國、香港、中國大陸等地區的學者發表論文。所發表的論文,除了自生命歷程的觀點探討個人發展與家庭的關係外,也探討生育、子女照料、子女教育、代間關係、家戶居住安排、父母照護等重要課題。這些量化研究的素材,多半來自「家庭動態調查」(Panel Study of Family Dynamics)自臺灣、中國東南沿海地區蒐集到的資料。藉由此一研討會的舉辦,除了促進「家庭動態調查」研究成果的分享之外,亦期望藉由跨領域、跨地域研究者的參與,對東亞社會共同面臨的少子化、人口老化等議題進行對話、交流。

本次研討會共有十個專題場次,預計發表 25 篇論文。此外,謝宇院士將以「當代中國的家庭變遷」為題進行專題演講。研討會場地位於中央研究院民族所第一會議室,台灣以外的學者將以線上方式參與。